about us

It’s pretty simple: We are a bunch of cyclists from Cologne who like to ride long and far.

The idea to organize a local race close to Cologne was born in 2021 when a few of us decided to sign up for a famous race (starting in Vienna …) but realized that registration had of course already finished. So, it can’t be that hard to organize a race ourselves, can it? Well, as long as you’re super motivated and enthusiastic about cycling – so we did it and it was great fun and an amazing experience. Since the first edition which was mainly planned by three of us (with many supporters at the start and finish line) our crew grew bigger. For all the formalities etc. our group and this race is part of the Kreativkollektiv Ehrenfeld e.V. – an association for promoting cultural and sports events in Cologne which we founded in 2020. With this association as with the NorthRaceWestphalia it is our goal to organize amazing events while donating as much as possible from collected registration for good causes.